Answering in blue...

This Saturday, October 31, several Church of Scientology members took to the Louise and Golden Fleece avenues to inform passers-by and local residents about their religion.

Dressed in their "blue jackets", Scientologists have been in contact with more than 500 passers-by, inviting them to inform themselves about the spiritual activities of their church.

Most pedestrians did not hide their surprise to meet people particularly attentive to directly answer their direct questions.

The operation, which is aiming at encouraging people to find out for themselves, is regularly repeated by Brussels Scientologists, and this shows the interest they also relate to society's problems in order to provide practical solutions on the ground.

Thus, people who took the time to talk with them could, thereafter visit the site to discover on the many activities supported by the Church of Scientology in fields such as drug prevention, respect of human rights, solutions for reducing crime or how to improve access to knowledge with the technology of study.

This initiative was well perceived by Brussels inhabitants, who on that day, were availing themselves of the good weather and strolling around and shopping in the Louise area.

For more information on the Church of Scientology activities visit:

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