Answering the broad public's questions on the ground

Brussels - Saturday, October 17 in the afternoon. There was about ten of them walking about between Louise and Porte de Namur, easily noticeable with their "Blue Jackets".

Their purposel: reaching out to the public and answering their questions. They also handed out leaflets which read: "It is being talked about in the media, on television and on the Internet ... The adjectives to describe it are many and varied. Some Scientologists are famous, the majority are people like you and I. But the question is ... What is Scientology? " inviting people to visit the website* for more information.

Easily identifiable by the bright blue color and the word Scientology in big white letters on the back of their jacket, they friendly replied to questions on the subject.

Many passers-by were interested to know more about it; some Muslims, a couple of French journalists, Mormons, a professor of religion and the men on the street.

All this was done in a very open and simple manner. As, in the words of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion: "What is true for you is what you have observed for yourself."

And you, what do you know?


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